My qualifications and training;

BCP Master teacher-trainer.

There were no established courses when I trained. We learnt through mentors at the few studios in London. I did a 7 year apprenticeship-training with Heather and Martin Sampson at Pilates International, Highgate and with Gordon Thompson at BCR, South Kensington London.  I also qualified in weight-training, sports injury, sports massage and aerobics and have studied anatomy and biomechanics for 25years.

My most important training has been 50 years of training my own body. I started to learn to dance at the age of three and went on to become a professional dancer for fourteen years. I injured my spine and was in pain for years and unable to sit for more than ten minutes. I have incurred other injuries and am so thankful to have found Pilates, which has given me a strong, flexible and comfortable body and allows me to live a full and active life. With Pilates you take control of your body with your mind.  This is what I wish to give to all my students.


I acted as course director, developer and examiner for 2 years for BCP and helped set up their original courses in 1996.  I write workshops in Pilates related biomechanics, myofascial trains, apparatus work and Mat work.

I am an honorary member of BCP and still work in the educational system, developing qualified students.

Have trained with and have been inspired by:

Siri Dharma

Rael Izacowitch

Lolita San Miquel

Kathi Ross-Nash

Jay Grimes

Moses Urbano

Kelly Cane

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