Welcome to my website and the exploding world of the Pilates technique!

05It doesn’t seem that long ago when I started training, (the early 1980’s) and no one had heard of the man, Joseph Pilates, or his life times’ work ‘Contrology’, now known as the Pilates Method. Here we are, in the 21st century and you can’t get away from it!

It’s on the television, radio, in magazines, books and videos! The web pages are filled with teacher-training courses, equipment, books and videos. If you wish to know more about the technique, feel free to browse the pages. I have written extensively about the technique in my book.

Pilates has risen from obscurity to become the latest trend. The technique has been around since the early 1900’s and will never be just a fad. We are now in the age of conscious exercise and there is no turning back.


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